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Huguenot Animal Hospital has been a proud seasonal sponsor of the Richmond Kickers' Little Kicks program. Little Kicks introduces and develops children's soccer interests and talents in a wonderfully fun atmosphere. Our veterinarian, Dr. Laird Williams, and Practice Coordinator Kasey can attest to how much the program has meant to their two young boys over the last 4-5 years as they have been involved in the in-school and open enrollment  programs.

Little Kicks  




Huguenot Animal Hospital and Dr. Laird Williams are proud sponsors of our local school athletic programs.

Robious Middle School Athletics

James River High School Athletics 




Huguenot Animal Hospital Proudly Recommends and Stocks several veterinary products that we have deemed as exceptional in quality and price for our clients and their pets:

Purina Prescription Diets

Specially formulated for all your pets dietary needs! Talk to our veterinarian today to discover how nutrition can enhance your pets health. 




Revolution for Dogs and Cats

For Dogs:

For Cats:

Simple and Effective parasite protection for all your pets. Ask our veterinarian about Free doses!